Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign goes international

Inspired by a recent MacRumors article about a Japanese version of the “Get a Mac” campaign, I wondered how many foreign-language ads Apple had made. I found five:

Unfortunately, the Japanese version is the only one with actors other than John Hodgman and Justin Long. The rest are simply dubbed.Still, if I had to choose anyone to replace John and Justin, it would be these guys.

Japanese Get a Mac ad

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  1. […] Now that it seems that the current run of Mac adverts is coming to an end in the ‘English Speaking World’…. they are being exported. It seems for most countries, it’s just a case of dubbing the English language ones…. […]

  2. Trevor says:

    Apple has posted new Get a Mac ads for the UK:

    So now there are two series of ads to feature actors other than John Hodgman and Justin Long.

    Interestingly, the ads are virtually identical to the American versions, although in certain parts they’ve been “Britishized”. For instance, the PC says “hijinks” instead of “kickin’ it”.

    However, two of the UK ads are entirely new: “Office at Home” and “Tentacle”.

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